Nook Farm Honey

At Nook Farm Honey we sell five types of honey, Cumbrian Wildflower, English Blossom, Balsam Flower, Borage Flower and Yorkshire Heather honey.

Our honey is treated with the utmost care from the time it leaves the beehive. We filter and bottle all our honey at Nook Farm. Our honey is just fine filtered to clean the honey, nothing is added or taken away

The filter we use still allows very small particles of beeswax and pollen to remain in the honey. We believe a finer filter would remove some of the taste and beneficial properties of the honey. At Nook Farm Honey we sell five types of honey, Cumbrian Wildflower, English Blossom, Balsam Flower, Borage Flower and Yorkshire Heather honey.

Honey is produced all over the world and every regions honey has its own unique flavour and different properties. The aroma, flavour and colour of honey is determined by the types of flower from which the honey bee collects nectar. If a bee collects nectar from one flower source this gives the honey a consistent flavour and is described as a single flower honey. Wildflower honey is made by bees collecting nectar from a wide range of flowers and this means the characteristics of wildflower honey vary even from one field to another. Here in Britain our beekeepers produce some of the best honey found anywhere.

balsam honey

Balsam Flower Honey

Our Balsam Honey is amber coloured, it has a nice thick consistency but will still run off a spoon. It has a delicious distinctive taste with a background flavour with hints of toffee. Balsam Honey is wholesome and very satisfying you may not be able to resist eating it straight from the jar as it’s so moreish. It is a single flower honey, from bees kept in areas where Balsam grows in huge quantities. Balsam Honey is the perfect accompaniment to ice cream or yoghurt, it can add an extra depth of flavour in cooking especially stir-fries and curries. It is pure, unpasteurised and raw honey.

Bees love Balsam and a bee that has visited a Balsam flower will often look completely white after covering itself in pollen. Balsam grows mostly along riverbanks its proper name is Himalayan Balsam. The Victorians grew Balsam as a greenhouse plant but it escaped into the wild and is now naturalised in the British Isles.

Borage Flower Honey

Borage Honey is a single flower honey and unique in its flavour and quality. It is a pale light runny honey with a delicate mild taste. We work closely with beekeepers in Yorkshire who supply us with Borage Honey. Borage honey is a very versatile honey and can be used to sweeten tea or coffee. It adds flavour and sweetness without being overpowering. Borage Honey can be used instead of sugar and it could be better for you as you need only a little to add sweetness to a dish. It is pure, unpasteurised and raw honey.

In the summer a field of Borage will be alive with the sound of Honeybees. Borage or Starflower is a traditional medicinal and culinary herb native to the Mediterranean it was first cultivated in Turkey and Syria. You may be familiar with Borage in your garden or have seen the flowers in a glass of Pimm’s.

borage honey

English Blossom Honey

English Blossom Honey is a runny honey with a clear dark golden colour it has a strong sweet taste which melts away on your tongue. The flavours come from a mix of flowers such as Lime and Apple trees, Dandelion and Hawthorn this honey is carefully and lovingly harvested. It is pure, unpasteurised and raw honey.

This lovely honey is produced by our friend whose apiaries are located in areas around parks, gardens and golf courses near Manchester where there is an abundance and variation of forage for the bees to gather. This gives the honey a luxurious texture and makes it a very versatile honey which can be used as a substitute for sugar in cooking and hot drinks. It adds flavour and sweetness without overpowering other tastes, great to use every day. Most people say this honey is their favourite though all our honey is very popular!

Cumbrian Wildflower Honey

Our Wildflower Honey is very runny, it is beautiful in flavour and to look at, it is truly the taste of Cumbria. This Wildflower honey has a range of flavours from the wildflowers that grow in the countryside around Nook Farm. Our Wildflower honey can vary slightly from year to year. Willow Herb, Blackberry, Clover, Thistles, Meadowsweet, and Heather all play their part in the complexity of tastes in this exclusive honey.

It is a luxury product and we often compare it to a fine wine or champagne in its quality and pedigree. We harvest our honey in late summer and it is always a time of great excitement and anticipation. Producing honey in our part of Cumbria is not easy but worth it, supply is limited and demand extremely high. We hope you enjoy this honey as much as we do.

cumbrian wildflower honey
yorkshire heather honey

Yorkshire Heather Honey

Our Heather honey is a smooth, rich flavoured and full bodied honey with a distinctive aroma. The initial taste is slightly caramel, and it is soon followed by a cooling sensation in the back of the mouth, it has complex aftertastes with a hint of aniseed. It is probably packed full of antioxidants and flavanoids as these have been shown to be high in Heather honey. Heather honey needs very careful harvesting and delicate handling before it is bottled to retain all its unique natural properties. This wonderful honey is from bees in North Yorkshire, honey is produced in batches specially for us. Spread this honey onto buttered wholemeal toast or crusty bread, drizzle into porridge for the ultimate comfort food. It is pure, unpasteurised and raw honey.

Ling Heather grows in upland areas across the UK. It is a low flowering bushy shrub which has spectacular purple flowers often creating a carpet of colour when plants grow close together. During August hives are moved from the lowlands to the heather moors to be placed amongst the heather and if the weather is good the bees quickly produce Heather honey.