Our Honey

Our honey is treated with the upmost care from the time it leaves the beehive. We filter and bottle all our honey at Nook Farm. Our honey is just fine filtered to clean the honey, nothing is added or taken away. The filter we use still allows very small particles of beeswax and pollen to remain in the honey. We believe a finer filter would remove some of the taste and beneficial properties of the honey. At Nook Farm Honey we sell four types of honey, Cumbrian Wildflower, English Blossom, Balsam Flower and Yorkshire Heather honey.

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Our bees

Honey is produced all over the world and every regions honey has its own unique flavour and different properties. The aroma, flavour and colour of honey is determined by the types of flower from which the honey bee collects nectar. If a bee collects nectar from one flower source this gives the honey a consistent flavour and is described as a single flower honey. Wildflower honey is made by bees collecting nectar from a wide range of flowers and this means the characteristics of wildflower honey vary even from one field to another. Here in Britain our beekeepers produce some of the best honey found anywhere.