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Pure Cumbrian Wildflower Honey

Our Wildflower Honey is very runny, it is beautiful in flavour and to look at, it is truly the taste of Cumbria.

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Borage Flower Honey

Borage Honey is a single flower honey and unique in its flavour and quality. It is a pale light runny honey with a delicate mild taste.


Balsam Flower Honey

Balsam Honey is amber coloured, it has a fairly thick consistency but will still run off a spoon. It has a very distinctive taste with a background flavour not dissimilar to toffee.


Yorkshire Heather Honey

Our Heather honey is a smooth, rich flavoured and full bodied honey with a distinctive aroma. The initial taste is slightly caramel, and it is soon followed by a cooling sensation in the back of the mouth, it has complex aftertastes with a hint of aniseed.


English Blossom Honey

English Blossom Honey is a runny honey with a clear dark golden colour it has a strong sweet taste which melts away on your tongue.